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Representative Rose Pugliese Picked to be the new Colorado House Minority Leader

It was less than 24 hours after Colorado House Republican, State Rep. Mike Lynch made the announcement that he was stepping down as the Minority Leader, that Rep. Rose Pugliese was chosen to lead the Colorado House Republicans. Pugliese won the election, following 2 rounds of voting early Thursday morning, as she secured enough votes to beat out representatives from Colorado Springs and Delta.

She previously served as the Assistant Minority Leader, as was a favorite to replace Lynch. The former Mesa County Commissioner now lives in El Paso County, hopes to expand the caucus, as Republicans hold a historically small minority with only 19 seats of the chamber’s 65. Pugliese acknowledged the work that Mike Lynch did during his time as leader, and now her work is cut out for her as they will try to win back more seats. 


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