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Wray Police Department Warn of Scams

Wray Police Department - GIFT CARD SCAM: 3 area residents within the last 60 days have fallen victim to this scam, totaling in a combined loss of over $13,000 dollars; so please be aware of what it is, and how it works. Gift cards are popular and convenient, and not just for gifts. Con artists have latched onto gift cards as a convenient form of payment in their scams. 1 in 3 adults said they, or someone they know had been asked at some point to purchase a gift card to pay a bill, fee or some other debt or obligation or to claim a prize. About one in four adults say they bought the cards, and fell victim to the scam.

Signs to watch for:

1. The caller will direct you to buy one or more gift cards — often referred to as “electronic vouchers” — as a quick means of making payment.

2. You’re told to share the numbers on the back of the gift cards, by reading them off or sending a picture.

3. The request comes from someone you wouldn’t expect to ask for money this way:

A Social Security warning of a problem with your account. - A utility company warning of an imminent shutoff. - A lottery company promising a big prize — once you pay some fees upfront. - A grandchild needing bail or facing another financial emergency.

In 2021, AARP Fraud Watch Network Helpline callers reported nearly $100 million in losses, and 12 percent of the callers reported losses from gift card payments, sometimes called “electronic vouchers” Nation wide. Please talk to family members, especially our elderly loved ones; and make sure they're aware of what and how dangerous this scam is. Once the information from the gift card is given to the caller, there is no way of recouping those monies!


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