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Wildfire Preparedness Plan

Recently, the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) presented Colorado’s 2024 Wildfire Preparedness Plan to Governor Jared Polis. DFPC Director Mike Morgan discussed the 2024 wildfire outlook and an overview of State resources that are prepared to combat wildfires.

Director Morgan explained, “The 2024 Wildfire Preparedness Plan outlines a holistic, comprehensive approach to wildfire management that includes suppression and response, fuels and forest management, and mitigation activities of all types, together with our local and federal partners, the State of Colorado stands ready to respond to wildfires.” Gov. Polis added, “Colorado is no stranger to the impact of devastating wildfires, and we refuse to rest when it comes to preparing for the future. Colorado is a national leader in fire mitigation efforts, and we continue building on proven methods to protect Coloradans and our communities from wildfires”.

The DFPC is committed to continually enhancing fire training, utilizing new technologies, and implementing early detection and rapid response to bolster the fight against wildland fire in Colorado. We all have a shared responsibility to keep one another, our homes, and our communities safe from the threat of wildland fire.


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