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Unattended Fire has Consequences

Wiggins Fire, along with Fort Morgan, Brush Fire, Morgan County Ambulance Service and the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office responded to a structure fire on the west side of Weldona late Monday afternoon.

The call came in around 4:45pm as crews arrived to find a cement structure surrounded by wood and dry timber ablaze. A Tender shuttle was set up on HWY 144 and North Ave. The fire spread fairly quick as there was a lot of grass and debris around the building that was on fire. Crews set up a perimeter, and law enforcement blocked the roadways around the area out of precaution.

Even though the fire spread to multiple locations, crews got a handle on it around 6:45pm, and by just after 7:30pm, the all-clear was given as the fire was out. No injuries were reported with the blaze.

According to Morgan County Sheriff Dave Martin, the fire was a controlled burn,that simply got out of control. This happened a few times recently, as a similar incident occurred over the weekend as well. People need to be aware of the dry conditions, wind speeds and surroundings when attempting a burn. And NEVER leave any fire unattended. 


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