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Suspect Taken Into Custody Following High Speed Chase in Yuma and Wray

Yuma Police Department -

On Friday, July 5th, around 11:16 AM, Yuma Police Department was alerted to a driver who had driven away from a traffic contact at Yuma County Road Z and US Highway 34, traveling westbound toward Yuma, with Yuma County Sheriff Office Deputies en route as well. The Yuma PD was asked to assist with stop sticks and moved east to intercept. After setting up, the Yuma PD was advised the violator had turned south on Yuma CR-N. Yuma PD and the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office moved towards an intersection in the county with a dead end, as they attempted to set up stop sticks again.

The violator vehicle then drove at Yuma County Sheriff’s Office and Yuma PD vehicles and began driving toward Yuma. The Yuma PD and the Yuma County S.O. discontinued the chase due to safety concerns, but when the vehicle entered the city limits of Yuma, it continued at a high rate of speed, traveling through a red light and continuing through the town. The vehicle then turned onto Main Street and drove at a high rate of speed through the commercial district. The Yuma PD re-engaged in a pursuit due to the reckless nature, as the driver almost struck several vehicles and pedestrians, while driving into oncoming traffic, and on the shoulder.

The vehicle was followed to approximately Yuma CR-Y, and the pursuit was discontinued again due to increased vehicle traffic, as well as traffic of a bicycle event moving through Yuma County. The Wray Police Department was able to intercept the vehicle again, as it came into Wray city limits, and they pursued the vehicle, until it parked at an address in Wray, and the suspect was taken into custody.

The suspect was transported to the hospital for medical clearance at that time. All agencies involved are asking that anyone who witnessed this high-speed pursuit, to please call 970-332-4802 to contact an officer or deputy. The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office will proceed with further investigations.


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