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Second Train Derailment in Two Weeks

There was another train derailment in Northern Colorado, this time it’s in Loveland, as a freight train hauling sugar, had its 2 locomotives that went off the tracks, without tipping over.

This happened near Madison Avenue and East 8th Street at about 1am Wednesday morning, near a switching point on the tracks. Reports are that there was a minor diesel fuel spill associated with this mishap, as the derailment happened alongside the Loveland-Greeley Canal, so there will be the need for cleanup crews to come in.

Fortunately, no injuries are being reported, as the scene has been turned over to the railroad, from the fire department. There was no impact to traffic, as the train cars were NOT blocking the intersection.

This is the 2nd derailment in 2 weeks, as there was that serious train vs truck crash in Keenesburg recently, which involved an Amtrak passenger train. There were serious injuries in that crash, with no new updates from that incident at this time. 


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