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Remembrance Fly-In & Air Expo

It was a bit breezy, but otherwise, a perfect Colorado Saturday morning, at Bristol Field at the Fort Morgan Municipal Airport for the Remembrance Fly-In & Air Expo. This was the 2nd year for the event, as last year's weather was cold and drizzly, this year there was hardly a cloud in the sky.

1943 DC-3 Passenger Plane

The Lyons Club was cooking up a pancake storm, with breakfast that also included sausages, eggs, coffee and other beverages. Next weekend is about automobiles, whereas this weekend was about planes, as the warbirds & vintage planes lined the airfield for a decent crowd of folks from all over

Fort Morgan and the region, as the parking lot was packed. The line for food, was just as long as the line to see the inside of the 1943 DC-3 passenger plane, which was a center piece for the event. With its large stance, chrome-riveted exterior, and twin Pratt & Whitney propeller engines, it was a head turner!

Military branches were present, along with a few local businesses, as the highlight was watching the sky dives by Mike Bohn and Skydive Orange Skies. 3 separate jumps were made as Gary Mancuso flew 3 separate sized flags: 600 - 800 & a very rare 2,400 square-foot flag, all of them waiving in the wind, with Mike Bohn and Leland Porcell joining alongside as smoke-jumpers. Extremely talented and impressive people, all any where from 6,000 to over 12,000 jumps to their names. It was an incredible morning filled with a lot of happy folks coming together for this event, as people who attended received 20% off of a skydive that morning. As you can imagine, the sky was full of skydivers at a few points in the morning as well.


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