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Quick Response to Gas Leak Scare

Wiggins School District –

Thursday morning a few secondary aged students reported the smell of gas in the middle/high school. Maintenance was immediately contacted, checked the building and found no trace of a gas leak.  In the meantime, a parent who had been contacted by their child called the Wiggins Fire Department. The Fire Department responded, ran tests, and as our maintenance department had already discovered, detected no sign of a gas leak.

When the HVAC units ignite to heat the classrooms they sometimes omit a smell that can be caused by dust, worn belts, outdoor burning in the community, Etc. It is important for everyone to know that every building in the district has a fire alarm system equipped with air quality indicators that automatically notify our local fire department if any harmful gas was released.

The district apologizes if this reaction caused any undue anxiety and would like to thank the Wiggins Fire Department for taking the time to respond.


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