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Law Enforcement Investigates Sharp Objects in Roadways

Law enforcement continues to investigate the many incidents of sharp objects left on roadways across the area. On Monday, August 21, the Yuma County Sheriff's Office discovered spikes hammered into the roadway on the Lone Star highway (54 & E), just west of HWY 59, that lead to multiple flat tires on numerous vehicles. They appeared to be carriage bolts that had been sharpened, as 7 of them, all in a row along a tar line, had to be pulled out using pliers. This could have been a lot worse potentially causing serious vehicle crashes. The next day, Tuesday, August 22, the Washington County Sheriff's Office, took a report of nails on the roadway (HWY 54) just into Washington County. The nails were 1 inch roofing nails, not like the ones found the day before, and they were scattered across the road. Wednesday morning, August 23, the Yuma County Sheriff's Office found another batch of sharp nails and wood screws,

scattered all over CR-54 near YY, just east of the Lone Star School. Thursday, August 24, a bunch of spikes were found at Country Road YY and Country Road 56, sticking up in the roadway once again. Please be careful when driving in this area. They will be patrolling the area looking for additional spots. Each department is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the individual(s), so a total award of, at least, $1000 can be given out for information in this case. Your identity will remain anonymous.

*Please contact the Washington County S.O. At 970-345-2244 or the *Yuma County S.O at 970-332-4806


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