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Gas Drops in U.S.-Colorado is a bigger drop

CPR News -

Gas prices have been falling across the U.S. for several months, but they’re falling especially fast in Colorado, according to AAA. The price in Colorado stands at $2.84 per gallon, down from $2.95 a week ago. A month ago, a gallon of gas in Colorado cost $3.32. The state’s gas prices are mostly in line with prices in neighboring states like Nebraska and Utah, AAA data show. Oklahoma and Texas, meanwhile, have some of the lowest prices in the country. It’s typical for gas prices to fall when the weather gets cold, according to Skyler McKinley, a spokesperson for AAA in Colorado. “When we enter the fall and winter months, demand tends to plummet. People go to bed earlier, and stay inside because it’s cold out. Folks are not planning big road trips,” McKinley said. The drop is more dramatic this year, he said. It’s not clear exactly why that is. It could be that people are cutting back even more because of global concerns about an economic slowdown, according to McKinley. Gas prices are also tied to geopolitical tensions such as military conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine.


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