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Boebert to Concentrate on GOP Primary

Following the 4th District resignation of Congressman Ken Buck, current 3rd Congressional District representative Lauren Boebert announced that she will NOT seek the Republican nomination for the special election to replace him on June 25th. She will instead focus her efforts on winning the GOP Primary election.

If Boebert decided to focus on the special election, she would have to step away from her seat in the 3rd

District, possibly leaving it vacated for several months, unless another special election were to take place in the 3rd. That would risk yet another Republican seat imbalance. Representative Ken Buck announced this week that he will step down as representative from Colorado’s 4th District, with his last day being Friday, March 22nd, a move that started the ball rolling for the special election for June.

Both Republicans and Democrats will nominate candidates for the special election, utilizing committees, which leaves the possibility for one person to be elected for the special election, while another could be nominated for the primary for the next term. At this time, former state lawmaker & Logan County Commissioner Jerry Sonnenberg, and former state Sen. Ted Harvey are the only Republicans to confirm they will seek the seat in the special election for the 4th. Neither Republicans nor Democrats have set exact dates for their vacancy committee meetings. April 1st is the latest they can pick their party’s nominee. Candidates who are unaffiliated will be able to petition onto the special election ballot. The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office is working with the Attorney General’s Office on how they may qualify for the ballot.


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