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Akron Crews Staring Routine Maintenance

This summer, the Town of Akron, Public Works Department will be conducting various maintenance services throughout the town. Mosquito spraying has already begun for the 2024 season. The entire town and the golf course facility will be sprayed once a week, either on Tuesday or Thursday, depending on the weather. Spraying starts between 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM and is typically completed by 10:30 PM. 

Additionally, road maintenance projects are underway. Weed spraying of the roads is being carried out in a systematic pattern to ensure that every road is treated. North to South roads are being sprayed, traveling from West to East, followed by East to West roads also traveling from West to East. Regular hot patching will begin mid-June. On August 7th, weather permitting, we will be chip and fog sealing:  Delta (4th to 8th), Custer, Adams, and Date Streets (1st to 8th). Crack filling is scheduled for late September and October, and cold patching will begin in October for winter pothole maintenance.

For more information or updates, please contact the Akron Town Hall.


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