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1918 American Le France Speedster on Display

The next guest vehicle to be displayed at The Orphanage is one that can only be described as an oddball. It began life as a firetruck, and it was converted into a speedster in the 1950’s. These days it gets its exercise when its owners enter it into The Great Race where it is the only chain drive car and the second oldest car in the race.

On display at The Orphanage
1918 American LeFrance Speedster

Although it can trace its roots back to 1832, the American LaFrance Fire Engine Company (ALF) was formed in 1903. From 1910 to 1920, ALF produced about 22 touring cars and several speedsters. Because these speedsters were based on the firetruck chassis, several early ALF firetrucks, like the one on display, have been subsequently converted into speedsters. After a run of 111 years ALF declared bankruptcy in 2014. The 1918 American LaFrance Speedster will be on display on the floor of The Orphanage from January 28th through the end of April 2024.

The Speedster can be viewed Tuesday through Saturday from 10-4, and Sunday from 1-4, closed Mondays.

**Also now on permanent display is a 1973 BMW “Toaster”, which is a beautiful, Grenada red, 1973 BMW R75/5 motorcycle.

The Orphanage is in Yuma, at 300 S. Main Street. For more information about this exhibit or future shows, please contact Richard Birnie at (970) 630-3360, or visit the website at


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