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Two Suspects Booked in Sexual Exploitation Case

-Chief Tyson Kerr, Sterling Police Department

Sterling Police Department detectives have been conducting an investigation into the distribution and possession of materials relating to the online enticement and abuse of children for sexual acts. During the course of the investigation, hundreds of items of suspected child exploitation materials were identified as being created or distributed by two local men.

Additionally, the investigation revealed that the suspects created multiple social media accounts under fabricated identities for the purpose of soliciting sexually explicit materials and images of children from multiple sources in several states.

Arrest warrants were recently served on the two suspects and a subsequent search warrant was served at 124 Taylor Street. As a result, additional search warrants were served on several electronic devices seized from the suspects’ vehicle and home. This investigation is ongoing.

The suspects, identified as 31 year-old Cory Duane Makinster, a registered sex offender and 24 year-old Trever Makinster, were booked into the Logan County Sheriff’s Office detention facility and have been charged with the following:

Cory Makinster

Sexual Exploitation of a Child CRS 18-6-403(3)(b) 7 counts F-3

Sexual Exploitation of a Child CRS 18-6-4035(3)(b.5)(5) 5 counts F-4

Sexual Exploitation of a Child CRS 18-6-403(3)(b.5) 5 counts F-5

Trever Makinster

Sexual Exploitation of a Child CRS 18-6-403(3)(b.5) 4 counts F-5

Sexual Exploitation of a Child CRS 18-6-403(3)(b.5)(5) 5 Counts F-4

Cyber tips are received via the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which is the nation’s centralized reporting system for the online exploitation of children. For more information on how to protect yourself and your children, visit:


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