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Snow Is Done, Warm-Up To Follow

Several inches of snow fell across a scattered area during the snowstorms that came through NE Colorado on Monday. The winter weather advisory for the I-76 corridor expired by noon MDT yesterday, as the blizzard warning continued for the tri-state area until midnight, or 1am CDT early Tuesday morning. EB I-70 was shut down Monday afternoon from Burlington to the Kansas state line for a few hours due to safety concerns associated with the winter conditions.

According to CDOT & the Colorado State Patrol there were multiple crashes on that stretch, including a couple of close calls involving 1st responders. In a post from the Kit Carson County Sheriff’s Office, one of their patrol vehicles was assisting another motorist, when a semi & trailer crashed into the side of it during blizzard conditions. No injuries were reported, as this was not an isolated incident. People were driving too fast for the conditions once again, as by law, you are supposed to slow down &/or move over when there are flashing lights or stalled vehicles on the road shoulder.

EB I-70 did reopen Monday evening at 7:35pm MDT, as did HWY 385 south of Burlington, once conditions improved. There could be quite a few slick spots on the roadways across the region this morning, as overnight temperatures dipped into the low teens overnight.

Tuesday will see temps warming into the 40’s today, with sunny skies and 60’ & 70’s predicted for the rest of the week and going into Easter weekend. 


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