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Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing on I-76 Near Brush

I-76 is always busy on the weekends with vehicle traffic, but Saturday afternoon at about 2:30, a small plane caused traffic delays on the highway. According to the Colorado State Patrol, the small passenger aircraft, with 2 people on board, made an emergency landing on the west bound side of the interstate, about 9 miles west of exit 92 near Brush. The emergency landing was due to the plane experiencing a malfunction as it was flying over the area, it landed safely without hitting any vehicles on the roadway. After the landing the plane was towed to exit 92, loaded onto a trailer, and taken to the nearby Fort Morgan airport. It took over an hour to clear the incident on I-76, as traffic was delayed, mainly on the west bound side of the highway. No one on the plane, or on the ground, was injured, as the FAA is investigating.


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