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'Skimmer' SCAM!

Greeley PD -

In a release from the Aurora Police Department, they have begun to see an alarming and growing trend in the Denver metro area. Criminals seem to be disabling the RFID touchless card readers with drills. This forces the person to then swipe their card. The issue is, the card swiper will have a credit card “skimmer” attached. This device looks like the normal place to insert a credit card.

And your card will work as normal for the transaction. But, that skimmer also copied all of your credit card data in the process. With this info criminals can make fake copies of your credit card, with your real credit card information so it will work fine. They are also known to sell large batches of stolen numbers to other criminals to do shady criminal things with. Some of these skimmers also have tiny cameras that also video record the victim putting in their PIN. From a legal standpoint, it’s super illegal. The damaged readers will have a hole drilled into it, at some spot. BE AWARE!!


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