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NE BOCES Screenings

Northeast Colorado BOCES, in conjunction with Fleming School District, will be offering free developmental screening to children ages three through five, children who will NOT attend Kindergarten next year and turns 3 by January 2024. The screen will briefly evaluate the areas of language, gross and fine motor, pre-academic development, hearing and other medical needs.

All parents with preschool-aged children are encouraged to participate in this screening. Children living in the Fleming area can be screened on Monday, March 4, 2024, from 1:30–3:30 p.m. at Fleming School. Call the school at (970) 265-2022 to schedule an appointment to have your child screened. Children identified as having needs that could affect later school performance may be eligible for special services through Northeast Colorado BOCES.

These services are offered in the district’s preschool setting and are designed to meet the needs of preschool-aged children. Kids under three can be screened on an individual basis. For more information on the screening or questions regarding your child’s development, call the Early Childhood Coordinator- (970) 521-2771 ext. 1252


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