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High Winds Add to Fire Troubles in Northeast Colorado

The high winds and dry conditions across NE Colorado, and the rest of the front range and eastern plains, caused some troubles for fire fighters across the region during the weekend. Residents living in Yuma County were reminded of that on Saturday night especially, as folks living east of HWY 385, and south of CR-9, received evacuation orders due to a fire. They were asked to leave their residences and travel west to Idalia schools, taking safe travel routes, while driving slow with their hazard lights on. That post came from authorities and W-Y Communications. The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office & the Eckley Volunteer Fire Department also sent out warnings about the active fire on CR-7 & CR-KK, that was Northeast of the Cure Feedlot, southeast of Idalia. Although crews were able to contain the fire, wind conditions persisted making the potential for fires to spread rapidly and become unpredictable. Authorities put farmers on notice, asking for help in creating firebreaks with their farm equipment if necessary.

Conditions remain dry across the region, as the Wiggins Volunteer Fire Department assisted in a fire near I-76 near MM 48, near Roggen. That fire was contained and put out, but crews were on standby, and prepared for evacuation orders if needed.

Then just after 4pm on Monday the New Raymer/ Stoneham Fire Protection District were dispatched to WCR 149 south of Stoneham for a ground cover fire. They cleared both station 1 and 2 as well as received mutual aid from Sterling Fire Department, Wiggins Rural Fire Protection District, Hillrose Snyder Volunteer Fire Department, Brush Volunteer Fire Department, Fort Morgan Fire Department, Merino Volunteer Fire Department, and the Morgan County Sheriff's Office. Crews were very lucky to control the fire as it spread east to WCR 151. No injuries were reported. The fire was estimated at about 230 acres and caused by a down power line. These are all reminders that people need to use extreme caution and be aware of dry and/or windy conditions, as the season progresses. 


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