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Documentary Film "Devastated" Looks at Fentanyl Crisis in Colorado

For years you have heard his voice as part of the Denver Talk-Radio landscape on stations like KOA and KNUS. Now Steffan Tubbs is using his communication skills in a slightly different way, by use of documentary films.

His latest film showcases the exploding problem of fentanyl in Colorado, as well as across the country with ‘Devastated’ – Colorado’s Fentanyl Disaster.

On Saturday morning, June 29th, Wayne Johnson & the Cover Theater in Fort Morgan provided a free showing of the movie for the public. Many community & state leaders attended the showing including District 1 Senator Byron Pelton, newly elected representative for House District 63 Dusty Johnson and Morgan County Commissioner Gordon Westhoff. Produced by Mountain Time Media Group, the 90-minute documentary focuses on how the devastating problems with fentanyl came about, and it also tells the stories of several families that opened up about the worst things that happened to their loved ones and families because of this issue. As stated on the film’s webpage, as well as in the film itself, Colorado legislators have accepted the 6-9 people per day are dying from fentanyl. This is equivalent to filling a large school bus, every single week. Fentanyl is killing an entire generation and seemingly nothing is being done.

Due to the nature of the subject matter, and the fact that there were people in attendance who have been directly affected by fentanyl, crisis & drug-addiction counselors from Centennial Mental Health were onsite for this movie. The film’s producer Steffan Tubbs was present at the event on Saturday, as he, along with Morgan County Sheriff Dave Martin, and Senator Byron Pelton, (both of whom were in the film) gave a small presentation before, and afterwards. This movie is a ‘mirror’ for everyone to look into, as this epidemic is real, and is in EVERY community in America, large and small.

“Devastated” is available to watch for FREE at a couple of different sites, including YouTube, as he encourages all to watch. When Steffan Tubbs isn’t putting together such powerful projects, he also is the Public Information Officer for the Drug Enforcement Administration – Rocky Mountain Field Division. That’s quite the title for quite the man. Again, to see the movie for FREE go to  


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