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CBI Awards Grants to Help Find People Who Wander

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is pleased to announce the awarding of the 2024 People Who Wander grants. Legislation passed during the 2022 Colorado legislative session enhanced efforts to provide assistance to Colorado families of people who wander, along with the availability of state-sponsored grants to assist local governments with recovery programs.

The purpose of the Supporting Recovery Programs Persons Who Wander Grant program is to provide a funding opportunity for local governments in locating persons with medical conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, autism, brain injury, or developmental, cognitive, neurological, or chromosomal disorders. The funds are to help encourage communities to establish recovery programs and provide tools that will increase the chances of saving the lives of lost and missing persons.

A total of just over $70,000 is being awarded to six law enforcement agencies, including The Aurora Police Department, Logan County, Otero County, the Brush Police Department, Montezuma County and Gunnison Police Department. They plan to use the funding in a variety of ways. Logan County and the Brush Police Department are purchasing drones to enhance their search efforts for people in rural areas who may wander away from loved ones. There will be about $90,000 available for next year’s grant program. The CBI expects to open the new grant window in the fall.


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