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Yuma Post Office Closed for Now


Damage to the Yuma, CO Post Office building by recent storms has caused the Yuma Post Office to be temporarily closed. P.O. Box mail, hold mail, and packages are available for pick up at the Wray Post office located at 407 W 7th St, Wray, CO 80758 roughly 27 miles away down HWY 34. The Wray Post Office hours are M-F 0730-1630 and Sat 0900-1200. Nearby retail locations are Otis Post Office located at 119 N Washington St. Otis, CO 80743 open M-F 0800-1200 and Sat 0830-1030. And Eckley Post office located at 115 N. Main St. Eckley, CO 80727 open M-F 0800-1200 and Sat 0730-1030. Efforts are underway to make the building accessible and safe, as they appreciate their customers’ patience as they recover from this incident.


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