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Young People Need Mental Health Help

Advocates say Colorado legislative leaders are working to make the state a leader in addressing the youth mental health crisis. At least nine bills are pending, ranging from funds for existing programs to creating new ways to reach children and adolescents.

A recent study shows the need is great, and the number of children requiring care is growing, and at the same time, the availability of services is dwindling. Dr. Sandra Fritsch is a psychiatrist at Colorado Children's Hospital. She says she is heartened to see policymakers paying attention to the problem, but the need may be greater than what they can approve. Dr. Fritsch says studies show that of those living with a diagnosed mental health condition, only 25 percent are receiving the specialty care they need. Among children, almost 65 percent of Coloradans ages 12 to 17 who have depression did not receive any care in the previous year.


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