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The VP Visited the Big 'D'

Vice president Kamala Harris made a visit to Colorado yesterday, as she spoke to a crowd of about 250 supporters that had gathered at ReelWorks Denver, an event hall in the RiNo District. She landed in Denver around 1:30pm, as the event took place before 4pm.

The VP spoke about several topics including the fight to ban ‘Assault’ weapons, low-cost childcare, affordable housing and pledging to help undocumented immigrants secure a pathway to citizenship. The event comes as Harris is trying to amplify messages from Biden’s recent State of the Union address, as poll numbers for both the President and Vice President are down, averaging between 36 & 37% approval ratings.

The Presidential race will be a rematch between Biden and Trump, as Biden won Colorado 4 years ago with 55% of the vote. All was not perfect for Harris’ visit, as about 65 pro-Palestinian protestors gathered across the street from the VP’s arrival, waiving Palestine flags.

Following the 15-minute speech, Vice President Harris departed, as she was scheduled to leave Denver for Washington D.C. around 6pm. It might be one of the few visits to Colorado from either side of the election aisle, as Colorado isn’t considered to be a battleground state for this years Presidential race. 


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