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Tax Burden Lower on the NE Plains

It’s tax season, and as more people feel the burden of everyday expenses, the tax burden is something people think about a lot, especially this time of year.

Living on the Northeastern plains of Colorado offers a lot of great things that money can’t buy, but the money you DO have goes a bit further than other places in the state, due to lower than most tax burdens, not just in Colorado, but in the country.

A recent study done by SmartAsset, calculated the amount of money that a specific person would pay in several taxed categories, including income, sales, property and fuel. According to their findings, Yuma County was near the top of the list for Colorado counties with the lowest tax burden. Based on an average income of just over $55,000/year, Yuma County comes in 2nd on the list of the top 10 counties in Colorado where taxes are the lowest. Prowers County came out on top, but several counties on the plains made the list including Washington, Weld, Cheyenne and Kit Carson.


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