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Second Wind Turbine Collapse in Two Years

It happened before, and now it happened again, as another wind turbine has collapsed. This one occurred at a wind farm near Peetz, in Logan County, as firefighters from Peetz, as well as Crook responded on Thursday morning (1/11) before 9am. Reports are that following the collapse, the turbine caught fire, responding crews were able to extinguish the blaze. Just a couple of years ago, in June of 2022, another wind turbine near Fleming collapsed, after one of the blades broke, hitting the tower, and causing a quick chain-reaction crash of the entire unit to the ground. Unlike Thursday’s incident, there was no fire associated with the last incident. Both wind turbines are owned by NextEra, and reports are they were on site, during the aftermath, but provided no extra information at this time. There were no reports of any injuries.


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