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Election Results

The elections are over this morning across the nation and here in Colorado, and here are the results according to the Secretary Of State’s website,

In the District 4 Congressional Vacancy race, to fill Ken Buck’s seat, Republican Greg Lopez won with 58% of the votes, with Trisha Calvarese getting 34%. In the District 4 Democratic Primary Trisha Calvarese won that race with 45% of the votes, with Ike McCorkle coming in with 41%.

In the District 4 Republican race, Lauren Boebert won with 43% of the votes going to her, the other roughly 60% of votes were split with the rest of the candidates, with Jerry Sonnenberg receiving 14% of the votes, Deborah Flora got 13%, Richard Holtorf and Mike Lynch both had 10% and Peter Yu ended up with 7%. For the State Board of Education District 4 Republican race, Kristi Burton Brown won that one with 53% of the votes, as C.J. Johnson had 47%.

The District 4 State Representative Democratic race went to Cecelia Espenoza over Timothy Hernandez, 54% to 45%. In the State Representative District 63 Republican Primary, Dusty Johnson came out on top with 66% of the votes, as Brian Urdiales had 33%.

In contested races across Northeast Colorado, let’s go to the Morgan County Commissioner race for District 3, as Tim Malone won against Gordon Westhoff, 58% to 42%. In Washington County, the winner of the Commissioner race for the District 2 Republican Party was Brandy Ward who received 53% of the votes compared to Kent R. Vance who received 46% of the votes.

In Yuma County Mike Leerar won the District 3 Republican Primary with 44% of the votes, with 37% going to Clint Monk, and 18% going to Jessie Vance.

There were 2 races in Phillips County to look out for as Michael Beard beat Darrel Smith by a narrow margin for the Phillips County Sheriff Republican Party, 52% to 48%.

And in the District 2 Phillips County Commissioner race, Gerold Roberts won with 67% of the votes, as Dylon Keith Daniel received 33%.

These results are with all 64 counties in Colorado election reporting 100% complete. Voter turnout for this election ended up being just under 25%, as there are 3,800,894 active voters in Colorado, and 949,470 ballots were cast. Voter turnout across NE Colorado went like this: 32% in Morgan County, 43% in Logan County, 54% in Washington County, 52% for Phillips County and Yuma County had a 42% turnout.


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