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AM Radio Too Crucial To Be Left Out

The passage of a bipartisan, bicameral bill in the U.S. Congress would be very beneficial to people in rural parts of Nebraska. It could also make electric vehicles more attractive. After several automakers started omitting AM radios -- especially in their electric vehicles -- the AM for Every Vehicle Act was introduced. It would require automakers to keep AM radios in vehicles at no additional cost. Several of the 15 stations of the Nebraska Rural Radio Association’s Rural Radio Network broadcast on the AM band. Ben Steffen with the Nebraska Rural Radio Association says assuming that AM radio is no longer needed because of streaming and satellite radio ignores the diversity of audiences and the needs of communities. Steffen says “rising to the top” of the important roles AM stations play is getting the word out during weather emergencies. He explains the broad reach and robust nature of AM signals make AM radio crucial at such times. In fact, it was a blizzard in the 1950s that led to the formation of the Nebraska Rural Radio Association.


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