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Health Care Coverage Rising

The number of people with Affordable Care Act health coverage is on the rise, but many are not able to access the care they need to get and stay healthy. Adam Fox with the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative says the Biden Administration has an opportunity to update the A-C-A’s Essential Health Benefits, services that almost all individual and small-employer insurance plans across the country are required to cover. He says all Americans need access to fundamental services. "Like dental, which is currently covered for children, but not adults. It should cover the full range of reproductive health services, and perinatal and postpartum care for people who are giving birth, as well as hearing and vision benefits."

Colorado has made some headway expanding benefits to address health care needs, including gender-affirming care and coverage for all people regardless of their immigration status. Some insurers providing coverage through the A-C-A have warned that expanding essential benefits will drive up insurance premiums and health care costs in general.


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